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Horsfall Street, Morley, Leeds
West Yorkshire, LS27 9QY

Headteacher: Gillian Austerfield





Every school receives a sports grant as part of the Olympic legacy from London 2012.

We received a grant of £9,175 for this school year and have commissioned work from PE Partner (formerly TSC), along with our Aspire Partnership schools, to deliver coaching in school.


Our report on the impact of the sports funding for 2016/17, including our plan for development in 2017/18 is found below;

Sports Grant Impact Report 2015/16

Sports Grant Impact Report 2016/17




 PE Partner use a Spiral Curriculum approach to education, that introduces key concepts to students at a young age and covers these repeatedly, with increasing degrees of complexity. For more information about this see the pdf. link below.

Spiral PE Framework




Here is a link to the School Sports Partnership website for our school, where you can find information about upcoming competitions and clubs affiliated with Asquith Primary.




We are proud to be working alongside Premier League Primary Stars. This year (17/18) we will be working closely with coaches to plan and deliver fun and engaging PE activities to help pupils develop their skills in everything from balance and coordination to athletics and throwing skills. In addition to this, challenging topics such as resilience, diversity and self-esteem, will be brought to life by personal insights from children and top figures of the sporting world. 

Follow the link for more information


We were lucky enough to be visited by Leeds United goalkeeper Bailey Peacock, who kindly answered all of our questions about his inspirations, work ethic and hobbies outside of football.


We are incredibly proud to be awarded a gold School Games Award for the second consecutive year. A huge part of winning these awards is due to our level of participation in physical activity. In addition to the two hours of PE each week, and a weekly mile run, we also take part in competitions both in and outside of school. This is something we are very proud of!

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Swimming lessons run throughout the year in Year 4 classes only. Please click the link to read advice for parents about swimming in school.

Advice for parents on swimming 


KS1 Monday Morning Sports Club 8:00 - 8:45

KS1 Monday Multi-skills Sports Club 3:30 - 4:30


KS2 Tuesday Morning Sports Club 8:00 - 8:45

KS2 Tuesday Multi-skills Sports Club 3:30 - 4:30

UKS2 Tuesday Football Club 3:30 - 4:30


KS2 Thursday Primary Stars lunchtime club 12:30 - 1:15

KS1/KS2 Thursday Total Dance Street Dance 3:30 - 4:30


Morning Sports Club places are offered to different children each half term, to give the maximum number of children the opportunity to get involved.


Total Dance Street Dance Club will be offered half termly to each key stage. At the end of each half term, children will be given the chance to showcase what they have been working on in key stage assemblies, as well as separate performances for parents.

Autumn 1 - KS2

Autumn 2 - KS1

Spring 1 - KS2

Spring 2 - KS1

Summer 1 - KS2

Summer 2 - KS1


More clubs will be offered throughout the year. For more details and to find out how we are getting on in competitions, please follow our sporting blog (scroll down).



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For the past two years, as part of a whole school effort, each class has taken part in a weekly 1 mile run.

The benefits resulting from this have been fantastic! Not only has it been evident that children have been getting fitter, and therefore healthier, but it is also clear that they are becoming more confident, with children applying their new found determination to their work ethic in the classroom. We are keen to continue running at least once a week and ask you to please ensure that your child has appropriate footwear in school so that they are able to take part.


Sports at Asquith

Third in the dodgeball tournament

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Sports at Asquith

I am thrilled to announce that our Year 6 pupils placed third in the dodgeball tournament! Miss Creaser was bursting with pride as she reported back at how brilliantly they had played. Well done Year 6!

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Another victory for Asquith

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Sports at Asquith

Unfortunately, due to illness, we were missing some key players this week. Nevertheless, Asquith battled on and won 2-1 against a good Gildersome side, and were awarded a 3-0 win against an absent Morley Victoria. The league table has yet to be confirmed, but we are confident we are near the top! 

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Winning in week two!

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Sports at Asquith

Our Year 5/6 footballers played their second week of fixtures for the 17-18 football league. We beat Blackgates 1-0, with a winning goal from Max. Then won 2-1 against East Ardsley, with two great goals from Liam and Max. What a turn around for Asquith!

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Asquith vs Westerton

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Sports at Asquith

Our first league game of the season resulted in a 2-0 win for Westerton. Our newly-formed team performed respectably at Woodkirk Academy, but it's back to the drawing board now, ready in preparation for next week's match.

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Football league 2017 - 18

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Sports at Asquith

Football club is well under way, and is taking place on a Tuesday after school, offered to children in Year 5 and 6. We have selected our team, and are raring to go for our first league game on Thursday (21/9/17) against Westerton Primary.

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