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Class Information

Welcome to Juniper Class!

Your class teacher is Mrs Winney



Our PE days are now Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Children are required to have both an indoor and outdoor PE kit available on both of these days.  Please also make sure that they have access to running shoes; preferably trainers - as later in the year we will be enjoying running our mile every week!


Reading and planners

Reading books are changed on a weekly basis and the days may vary. Please could you ensure that your child's reading book is in their book bag on a daily basis.

Children also have the opportunity to bring a library book home too.

Children are required to bring their planners into school every day. If I could kindly ask that these are signed over the weekend by parents and will be signed by me when I hear your child read.



Spellings will be given out on a Wednesday and tested on a Wednesday after your child has had chance to practise. Each week, spellings will be updated on the learning platform for you to access at home and practise online!


Thank you









Hawthorn Class Blog

Spring has sprung!

joanne on: Hawthorn Class Blog

It has been a much sunnier week in Hawthorn class and is definitely starting to feel like Spring!

This week, we have begun to adapt our stories of the Egyptian Cinderella and make them our own. We have acted out the story and developed freeze frames. We have also looked at verbs and acted out how adverbs can change these. We were surprised how much impact one word can have! In maths we have continued to look at fractions and are getting very good at understanding the concept of these!

This week's spellings are:











Happy practising! Next week is only a four day week and then we break up for the Easter holidays. Time really has flown! If you get chance, please can you complete the parent survey on our website/ app. It only takes two minutes and it would be lovely to hear your thoughts :)

In other news, the school choir are performing at Morley Town Hall tomorrow at 9:50. If you are around Morley doing your shopping, it would be lovely to see your faces! I will be there, humming along.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you all on Monday!

Miss B

#timeflies! #storytellers


Wait, no snow??

joanne on: Hawthorn Class Blog

We have had a lovely, snow free week in Hawthorn class! Even though it has rained...

We have just started a brand new book- The Egyptian Cinderella. We have enjoyed comparing the traditional Cinderella story with the Egyptian version. We are beginning to retell the story and have made storyboards to help us.

In maths, we have begun looking at fractions! We are doing so well learning how to work out fractions of shapes and numbers! Well done us! I have been really impressed with the children's knowledge and their determination to learn a tricky subject!

This week's spellings are:











Happy practising!

Have a wonderful weekend and end to the week and I will see you all on Monday!

Miss B

#rainyrainy #fractionfinders!


Let it snow!

joanne on: Hawthorn Class Blog

I hope you are all keeping safe and warm from the chilly weather we are having! That, or I hope you are all playing outside, building snowmen, hurling snowballs and generally having lots of fun in your wellies!!

We have been really enjoying our new book, The Iron Man, after we got over the fact that it is not the Marvel Iron Man with a red and gold suit... we have described the first setting of the book using poetry about the sea as inspiration. The children came up with some truly fantastic descriptions of the sea. I was more than impressed! As was Mr Holt who was invited to read our wonderful writing. We have looked at making our own graphs in maths, collecting information and presenting it in a bar graph. We have now moved on to looking at measurement- maybe you could measure how deep the snow is at your house! Mine is 9cm! It really does seem like there should be a wardrobe hiding out there somewhere...

This week's spellings are:

subzero (rather fitting don't you think?)










Happy practising! Enjoy the snow and keep cosy!

Miss B

#wellyweather #howdeepisyoursnow?


What did you say Miss Bramley?

joanne on: Hawthorn Class Blog

This week was a very quiet one in Hawthorn class as I lost my voice! The children were very concerned about this, even making get well soon cards- thank you for your kindness! My voice is so much better now thanks to a visit to the doctor, and all my lovely class’s help.

We have had a lovely week full of discussions about the rainforest! We have read a new book called the ‘Great Kapok Tree’ which tells the story of a community of animals who live in one tree in the Rainforest. We hot seated the animals who live in the tree, asking them questions about their feelings on their tree being cut down and how this will effect them. The children were so insightful and have some really strong opinions about deforestation! Next week, we are going to finalise our persuasive letters to the culprits of deforestations and write to them from the point of view of the animals in the story. We have used the laptops and iPads to research each animal and find out lots of detail about it. The children were very interested in endangered species and finding out which animals in our world are actually safe from extinction.

This week we also welcomed our Year 1 buddies into our classroom. We read them out Hansel and Gretel stories, and they read us their reading books. We also sang them the songs we have been learning. It was lovely! All the Year 3 children were amazingly grown up, and it was brilliant to see how they interacted so well and sensitively to their younger friends. Well done Year 3, I was very proud!


This week’s spellings are:











Happy practising!

Have a fantastic weekend! I will look forward to seeing parents on parents evening next Tuesday and Thursday. Don't forget to book your slot!

Miss B

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If you go down to the woods today you will find... a circus tent... wait, what??

joanne on: Hawthorn Class Blog

This week the children have all worked exceptionally hard to write their own versions of the story of Hansel and Gretel. They have used their fantastic imaginations to change the story to make it their own. I was so impressed that I awarded the headteacher's tea party award to all of them!! Mrs Austerfield was worried she might not have enough chocolate fingers for everyone, so we had a treat in class this afternoon instead. We loved it. We also really enjoyed looking at the artist Franz Marc and taking inspiration from his work to create our own rainforest pictures. Next week, we will be looking at writing letters and continuing with our Rainforest topic.

This week's spellings are:











An odd collection of spellings this week, but they will be useful! Have a great weekend everyone, you've earned it this week!!

Miss B

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Summer term

A busy term in year 3!

winneyl on: Summer term

We have had a super busy week in Year 3!  We have been retelling and adapting the story of Kassim and the Greedy Pirate - we have had some fantastic ideas for our stories.  In Maths we have been learning about column subtraction.

We have also been making Christmas cards for a competition held at the White Rose centre and Christmas pictures to be made into cards and mugs! Ho, ho, ho! All in October too! Normal service will resume next week.

Show and Tell - We will give out a special box on Mondays to an individual child who will then choose a maximum of 5 things to bring into school to show the next day.

Here are this week's spellings...












A busy term in Year 3

winneyl on: Summer term

Just a quick message to thank both children and parents for the fantastic Easter garden homework! The children really enjoyed showing off their efforts.  It was egg-cellent! (sorry)

This half term is a busy time we are learning so much! The children have been excited to learn all about the Ancient Egyptians.  We have enjoyed mummifying each other with toilet roll and learnt all the gory stuff too!

In Maths the children have just finished learning about fractions - phew, well done for all your hard work! They are now moving onto learning about Geometry.

In English the children are retelling the story of the Egyptian Cinderella and have taken part in some fantastic drama activities - we may have some budding Hollywood stars!

Quick note about fidget spinners - We kindly ask that the children keep their fidget spinners in their bags and they can play with them at playtimes and lunchtimes.


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Mrs Winney

Week 5 in Juniper Class

winneyl on: Mrs Winney

Last week was a great week for Juniper class - we earned ourselves an extra playtime for having the highest percentage attendance in KS2 - well done everybody! 

We have written some fantastic independent pirate stories - which were amazing.  All the children worked hard to add adjectives to their work to make their writing exciting. Congratulations to the children who received Head Teacher's award this week for your stories.  I am very proud of you!


Week 3 in Juniper Class!

winneyl on: Mrs Winney

We are having an excellent time in year 3 this week. It's fantastic to see children completing and returning their homework (Thanks Mums and Dads!) Just a reminder that homework is set on a Friday to be returned by the following Wednesday.  Spellings are set on a Wednesday and the children are tested on the following Wednesday.


Welcome to Juniper class!

Welcome to Juniper class!

winneyl on: Welcome to Juniper class!

A huge welcome to my new class and parents too! I hope that the children have enjoyed their first week as much as I have! Exciting times in Year 3; as this week we will be beginning our new topic - Pirates, arrrr! We are also starting a 6 week block of dance lessons beginning this Thursday.

Please feel free to come and see me after school if you have any questions about year 3!